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I find so much joy spending time with my sweet Olivia crafting and creating the day away. We think sparkles, stickers and puffy paint make the world go round! Art is a great way to relax, unwind and focus your energy on


positive thoughts. We believe strongly that all kids (and grown ups!) should be able to spend time with some glitter glue! That is why we are pleased to donate proceeds of our sales to Olivia’s charity, Hugs and Crayons by Olivia. Hugs and Crayons by Olivia makes sure that even seriously ill kids can still be kids and can glue, cut and glitter their way to a happier today, and brighter tomorrow.

In addition to donating our proceeds, we also hold several charity events each year where art supplies and donations are collected (and matched!) and donated to local kids in need. All XO By Olivia products are designed, crafted and made with love in the USA, and we feel it is important to give back to those here. Thanks for helping us make that happen!

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