Welcome to XO By Olivia! Making life a little sweeter!



Sweet Custom Homemade Crafts And Gifts For All!

Sweet Custom Homemade Crafts And Gifts For All! Sweet Custom Homemade Crafts And Gifts For All! Sweet Custom Homemade Crafts And Gifts For All!

Let us create something magical and unique for you or someone you love! 100% hand crafted, 100% sweet.  All proceeds fund Olivia's Charity- Hugs and Crayons By Olivia! Explore our homemade crafts and prepare to smile! 

About Us



Welcome to XO by Olivia! We are here to bring back the wonderful goodness found when a mom and her daughter spend time together crafting dreams and ideas into lovely and enchanting  little bits of sweetness. 


It's The Little Things-

We believe it’s the little things in life that make us smile most. We believe in helping others by giving them the opportunity to enjoy these little things. Seeing a pinwheel spin on a windy day, brand new school supplies on that first day or school or the smell of fresh waffle cones! 

We also think these things are even more special when shared with someone you love. We believe that in this busy world, we sometimes forget how sweet life can be. Email, texts and evites have taken over the world. Mass produced, generic accessories, treats and toys are the gift of choice. We are here to change that! 


What We Do:

We create uniquely happy and sweet things we think will delight and surprise. XO by Olivia will make you feel warm and cozy with our unique, one of a kind treasures and treats.  XO by Olivia is here to make life a little sweeter!

We know we can’t change the world, but we can bring us back to the days of charmingly chic, delightfully adorable quality hand crafted goodies. We know we can make people smile one XO by Olivia handmade treasure at a time.

Learn more about the great work we are doing in our own community.

Giving Back

It makes our hearts warm to know we are creating handcrafted treasures that will last forever and bring a smile to others. It makes our hearts even warmer knowing that all the proceeds of our sales help bring a smile to kids in need. Learn more about the great work Olivia is doing by reading about her charity, Hugs and Crayons by Olivia.